The Lighthouse Company

5.0 out of 5 stars
Suspenseful, fast-paced adventures for kids of all ages :-)
By David Sanford

“The best brand-new book series for kids? I'm voting early and often for Mike Hamel's delightful TLC books. Everyone in my household is too old or way too old to be reading these suspenseful, fast-paced adventures. But we couldn't help it. "Got to read 'em before we give them away to family and friends," of course. Highly recommended!

“Your books are delightful! I enjoyed JJ’s sort of ‘Guy Noir’ reportage, and his ‘look it up’—very boylike! (I raised a boy; I could hear him in these stories.) I like that the kids sometimes make mistakes. Good stuff. Great chapter endings, too, the way they leave on a small tease to get us to turn the page.”
Jamie C.

“Our 3 year-old won’t sleep unless we read a bit of TLC. He loves the colorful descriptions and interesting characters.”
Matt H.

“The TLC books are a pleasure to read for kids and adults alike!”
Michelle Z.

“Bezer’s Billions is a fantastic book . . . it is many mysteries at once. I also think I is cool that JJ’s mom is a secret agent. Maybe the crew at TLC could meet her some day?”
Devin F. (12)

“Believability is stretched easily for fantasy, but must be very tightly kept for realistic fiction. This is really good realistic fiction--more realistic than most children’s ‘detective’ stories which still tend to stretch the imagination.”
Renee S.

Zack Fox has seen a UFO—and he has proof! But while hunting for more clues, he and JJ stumble upon Juan, a young migrant worker who needs to find his missing uncle before Miguel, the evil crew boss, finds Juan. TLC is also hired by Angus Keaton to catch the burglar who keeps breaking into his cabin.

Did Old Man Bezer, the former lighthouse keeper, leave behind a secret treasure when he died? Will the skeleton key JJ finds in the basement lead to untold riches for TLC or unexpected trouble? Meanwhile, the arrival of shotgun-toting eagle poachers creates a more pressing—and dangerous—situation.

While fishing one morning, JJ and Zack are blown out to sea by a freak storm. When the Coast Guard finds their empty canoe on a remote beach, the search is on to rescue the boys before the elements and animals in the Olympic rainforest put a tragic end to their long walk home.

Is there any truth to the legend of pirate treasure on the Makah reservation? Does Spanish gold lie hidden in the sea caves at Cape Flattery? And what would make all the members of TLC jump off the lighthouse tower? Crack the pages of this fourth book in the TLC series to find out.

My cousin Eli has started his own TLC-type club in Colorado Springs. They call themselves the Green Bees. Saving the environment is their thing, but when I show up they get drawn into the shadowy world of government conspiracies by a genius named Laser. Top secret clearance is needed for this story!

Mike Hamel lives in Colorado, a long way from the Pacific Ocean. He is the author of the Matterhorn the Brave series as well as Lizzy the Leatherback for younger readers. He has also written several books for grownups available on Amazon. He blogs at OPEN Mike.